1. YAY!!!

  2. FUCK YES!

  3. Fucking A.

    Also, please move to Texas so I will know someone besides my husband who voted for Obama. PLZTHX.

    At least Texas voted 55 to 44%. Oklahoma voted 66 to 34%. I can’t WAIT to go back for the holidays and laugh maniacally in certain people’s faces.

  4. I know your pain, slyn. I live in KS, a totally red state (UGH!) and had to listen to some of the most stupid comments EVAH. Amazingly though, my little town seems like it was behind Obama for the most part. Anyway, none of that matters, what matters is HE WON!!!! Overjoyed here, just simply overjoyed.

  5. I am just so relieved. And happy. So very, very happy!

  6. bishOp stu tu says:

    Things are going to get better. Viet-Nam-era-boomers have provided, without peer, the worst leadership for this country in it’s remarkable history.

    I am so relieved that the steering wheel has been ripped from my generation’s incompetent, selfish hands.

    Now back to making the whirled better….the working stuff that 220 years of Americans have unselfishly given.

    Bye Bye NeoCON pie.


  7. Thank you, America!!!!!!!

  8. For the record, many Oklahomans did vote for Obama and are ashamed to see their state light up red election after election.

    I know. It must be frustrating. I am truly embarrassed that Oklahoma, once again, elected a senator that believes global warming is a “hoax”.


    Oh my lord.

  9. LOVE IT! HELL YES WE DID IT! Now he has some WORK to do! :)

  10. petitegourmand says:

    congrats on both the election and your anniversary!
    beatiful shot btw

  11. Those fellow blue dots in a red state, I feel you. I felt uplifted when I looked at my Georgia county’s returns and saw that we were going blue – and 4 adjacent counties were as well. Hopefully my state will continue to get a little more purple and then violet until it has the guts to turn on some glorious indigo.

    Its not easy to live in the South.

  12. I am still getting chills when I think about “President Obama”. I now feel so hopeful. I love the wise words “bishOp stu tu” ;-)

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Just wanted to let you know that yes, I am a COMPLETE stalker of you and your family (but not in a creepy way!). Anywho, just thought (totally off-topic ) I’d share that my wedding anniversary is Nov. 2 and I also had a child Aug. 7 AND I just hit that same birthday! So, I feel this really weird connection to you even though I live in TN, but also voted for Obama!! Hell yes! Sorry if this is too creepy!! Just finally felt motivated to share!!

  14. Yes! Thank you!

  15. For the Texas poster, I live in Texas and support Obama. My neighborhood is completely Republican, and when I got to work on Wednesday walking in with an African-American woman who I ride the Park N Ride with, this fat old white man (I am a white woman, so I should clarify that) started screaming at her and me about how it was all our fault his taxes were going to go up. Because she is African American and I am a woman I guess. I should have been quicker with a comeback but I was in shock.

  16. I love those yellow flowers in your hair.

  17. Awesome news. So sad that Orange County has to be so conservative. Nice to know there are still a lot that know what change we need in this country.

  18. Rodolfo Humphrey says: