Consider it my early birthday present


We returned home from Charleston last night after the longest day in history, passed out cold at 8:15pm, awoke to Wito shrieking at 4am this morning and continued to deal with the shriek until his doctor’s appointment when the poor guy was diagnosed with a double ear infection. (Boo you, double ear infection. BOO YOU.)

I haven’t unpacked, I haven’t finished this week’s Brita post that is due RIGHT NOW, my eyes are burning from the whopping total of 9 hours sleep I received during the entire trip, and my throat is mildly scratchy.

(Charleston, I will love you forever. Especially your shrimp grits, pecan-crusted chicken breast, fried okra, mashed potatoes, sweetened tea and pralines. All thanks to your perfect recommendations. You were not kidding about Hominy Grill and Jestine’s, people.)

So! Today has CLEARLY not been the best start to the week that just so happens to include my 4th wedding anniversary AND the birthday that will catapult me into the “mid-thirties” category, but hey, I’m rolling with it.

What’s that you say? Is there anything you can do? Why, YES! There is.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow. VOTE VOTE VOTE.


And after you vote, please send me some vodka, this sweater and a live-in nurse.



  1. We’re vote by mail here, so I did it last week. While drinking a glass of wine and watching Bravo. Tell me that is not fantastic.

    Oh, also, I wasn’t wearing a bra.

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. vote vote votedy voted!

    Guess who for?

  4. Heather from NC says:

    I already voted…for McCain. Go GOP!

  5. Happy anniversary, happy birthday (totally get the dreading, believe me) and happy voting! I do permanent absentee far in advance – so my vote is IN.

  6. Already voted!

    And I also vote in favor of that sweater. Love love love.

    JCrew 08.

    Hee :)

  7. I made shrimp and grits this weekend, too. Despite loving San Francisco with every bone in my body, this southern girl has to get her grits on every now and then!

  8. Hope you’re feeling better, Whoorl-girl, and just to cheer you up, thought I’d let you know that Old Navy is carrying limited edition Charley Harper tees (collect all three!) Too bad they’re not in our size!

  9. Double ear infections, ew! I hope your birthday is (was?) fantastic, despite the poor start to the week. Oh, and that food from Charleston? Sounds divine.

  10. I voted for McCain! Heck, I should quit my job and run for president…with a president like Obama, apparently you don’t need much political experience at all to get the job! What a bummer. God save this country.

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