Going shopping in my own closet


This is the second week of a feature I’m doing over at Work It Mom about shopping your own closet, instead of blowing loads of cash on new clothing items RIGHT NOW. (I’m currently working on that issue.) Following the lead of In Style Magazine’s fashion editor, I pilfered through my closet and came up with my eight core pieces for the upcoming season. Here they are, if you are remotely interested. (Also, it was really hard picking out fall/winter clothing items when it’s 90 degrees outside. GET OUT OF MY LIFE, SUMMER TEMPERATURES.)


With that being said, I couldn’t help myself yesterday and bought the most fantastic earrings ever at Anthropologie. Look at those beauties.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.



  1. Oh, I love Anthropologie. I (heart) their dresses…

  2. Because I am a very bad employee, but an excellent shopper, I am totally making a list of outfits I can make in my closet (and with the uh, THREE FUCKING SHIPMENTS I am expecting from J. Crew, but I blame you and Heather for those, so whatever).

  3. OMG, I walked around with these in my hand for like 1/2 hour, then decided to be a good girl and put them back. Silly me — they look fantastic!

  4. I really love this idea. I need to do this — maybe this weekend….

  5. I love Anthropologie… i so wish it would come to Canada … sigh…

  6. Great earrings. It is so great to see yellow gold make a come back. I bought a pair of 14K gold filigree earrings on overstock about 6 months ago, and I love them. You might look there or even search for Mexican filigree, which is really pretty.

  7. Hey! I think it’s great you are focusing on your budget to same some money. It takes an awful lot of willpower not to buy clothes (for me, at least!)

    I just want to point out that if you want to HELP out the economy, you definitely need to go shopping….at least, that’s the rule I like to live by. “I’m helping out the economy!” :-)

  8. Today, my mom pulled the “mom of all time” trick. I suggested that I needed new clothes to wear to a informal class reunion on Friday night that would double as a nice outfit to wear to a wedding shower on Saturday.

    She sent me to my closet…..and now no shopping. Crap, I’m 40 years old, one would think………….but no, she talked me out of shopping….

  9. Since I’ve always loved your blog… I have an award posted for you on mine. Thanks for the great read =)