A guitar teacher of few (yet funny) words


In response to my email:

Yeah, we spent Dan’s whole lesson going on and on about it! I’m kiddingunfortunately, I didn’t notice that Sarah but I will definitely pay more attention next time.

p.s. – He may or may not have also called me an exhibitionist. Our next lesson should be fun.



  1. Maybe he’ll start giving you free lessons now in exchange for some “misplaced” buttons ;)

  2. stalking you via twitter. this story is hilarious. leave it up to some dude to be totally oblivious of one of your most embarrassing moments. HA HA HA. too funny.

  3. This story was one of a very few things that made me laugh yesterday. It even trumps the time I was sitting in a meeting at work wearing an Ann Taylor wrap sweater (the sweater was machine washable which made me extra happy). Anyway, the sweater was sitting really weird and felt lumpy and I reached in an pulled out a striped sock from the laundry. Before I even had a chance to think about it, everyone at the table had seen it. (I’m cringing how as I write this).

    No no, I could not POSSIBLY trump that story. That is the funniest thing I have read in weeks!!

  4. Do you think his wife noticed? She didn’t seem that friendly that one time.

    They are no longer married.

  5. I’ve taken lessons before as well and to be honest, I was almost certain this whole thing would be about an “unpleasant odor”. I think this was less horrifying though, and I’m thankful for that.

  6. This definitely made me laugh – even more so when I was driving home from work and discovered one of my buttons had slipped away. (I’m assuming it was from the seat belt and I didn’t walk around all day like that. Or at least, I’m hoping.)

  7. do you think their marriage dissolved because he doesn’t notice even the most obvious of details ;)

  8. Hilarious and bummer he didn’t even notice. LOL TUWABVB – THAT is classic. It brought tears to my eyes too.

  9. Also twitter-stalking. Button Gate ’08!

  10. OK I was cracking up at your story and now after reading the comments – really cracking up again over TUWABVB’s little story about the sock in her sweater. I could so see that happening to me and of course it would be an outfit that i was feeling especially jaunty and proud about. Oh how humble we really are.

    -Beth (mommy to a busy 5-yr old)

  11. Sizzle stole my question!

  12. i would avoid button up blouses for the next few lessons, unless of course you are fishing for free lessons. BWAHAHAHAHHAHA

  13. GAH! Wait a minute! Isn’t/wasn’t he married to the nice lady who met you at the door with the evil stink eye?! They’re divorced already? Did you get a new teacher? Did I miss something?! Details, plz! :)

  14. I like his sense of humour about it. “Unfortunately” and “the next time”.

  15. I was going to ask about “unfriendly wife”….Looks like she hit the bricks.

  16. maybe don’t assume such a drastic communication measure next time?? ha–he totally didn’t even notice at all!

    Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?

  17. I dare you to wear a turtleneck.

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  19. AWESOME!

    I went to a job interview once, in college for an internship, with the “L” sticker from my shirt on my boob.

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