Are you sitting down? Yes? Okay, good.

You are looking at the newest face of Pantene‘s Aqua Light campaign.

(Oh, there goes the heart-beating thing again.)

Starting today, if you live in North America, you might just be seeing me on your television (35+ networks!) for the next few months.


I’ve had 5 months to prepare for this, and yet, I’m still speechless. Can you believe this? I can’t believe this.

The month of March is going to be crazy for me, with lots of super cool things planned with the Pantene team, including taking over Pantene’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and a series of Hair Thursday posts about my experience shooting a national hair commercial. (Holy crap, it was insane, and I promise to not spare a detail.)

In the meantime, here’s the commercial.

(This is the spot that is playing in Canada, and there is a another spot playing in America as well.)

If you need me today, I’ll be staring at the television set hoping to catch a glimpse of some swishing action.




  1. wooow this is so cool! your hair is amazing, its made for this spot!
    love, svenja
    svenja recently posted…my kitchen…

  2. That is fantastic and you’re hair looks great (as usual)!

  3. Wow, congratulations! That is beyond exciting!! Your hair was MADE for TV!

  4. I have always admired your hair – it’s PERFECT for a hair commercial!! Congrats!

  5. So Great! Your hair looks AMAZING! Congrats!!!!

    I’ll be looking for you…maybe even slow down the DVR fast forward button.

  6. So happy for you! You and your GORGEOUS hair deserve it! Enjoy every minute!

  7. Oh my gosh…seriously AMAZING! So happy for you!

  8. Whoa!! That’s awesome! You’ve got great Pantene commerical hair! :)
    Katie recently posted…Wish List–Pop of Color

  9. Holy doodle! Congratulations! Can’t wait to show my kids who already think you are beautiful. Now they’re going to think I’m super cool for knowing YOU. SWEET! Wink.
    Redneck Mommy recently posted…Repentance

  10. Holy ballz Sarah, look at how far you’ve come! Yay you!!
    sarcomical recently posted…september

  11. claudia098 says:

    Amazing!! The commercial is fantastic. Go Sarah!!!

  12. You look amazing! Congratulations, Sarah! I’ll be watching for your commercial.

  13. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You look gorgeous! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I’ve always wanted to do the whole “twirl my hair” like they do in the commercials. They picked a perfect person! Congrats Sarah!

  14. This is serious awesomeness!! Congratulations – you are perfect for this campaign!!

  15. This is wonderful! Congratulations.

  16. Ohhhhhhhh! Congrats, Sarah. So AMAZING!!

  17. Go, you!!! So fantastic.

  18. Big huge mega uber congrats!! You totally deserve all the success and it couldn’t have happened to a more awesome person. Go Team Whoorl!

  19. Wow, congrats!! Hope I catch you on tv :)

    Aqua Light has actually become my favorite pantene shampoo/conditioner in a short period of time, its great for thin hair!

  20. Yay! Amazing! Congratulations!!
    Leslie Capron recently posted…Back to our regular programming

  21. Yay! Love it! Can’t wait to hear all the behind the scenes details in March.

  22. WOO-HOO!!! Congratulations beautiful!!
    mona recently posted…Tough crowd

  23. Huge congrats! Pantene…smart cookies. And so are you. Can’t wait to see it.
    Mom101 recently posted…Oscars Best and Worst Dressed, according to the most experty experts ever

  24. Sonja von Franck says:

    TEARS!! I couldn’t watch the video on my phone so I had to run upstairs to my computer. You and your hair look amazing!! And I was JUST talking to you about how I use Pantene!! You must have been DYING this whole time. I can’t imagine how exciting this must have been for you, but you deserve it. You and your hair! I’m going to call my husband at work right now! “CAN I CALL ‘EM OR WHAT??” I’ll never forget the day I found your blog looking for a tutorial for curling my hair and I found the video of you when you had D video you. I knew then you were a star! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! :-)

  25. CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome, and so well-deserved. You have the prettiest spokeshair I’ve ever seen. ;)
    Mir recently posted…This weekend (not about feelings)

  26. Wheeee!! So exciting! And they really couldn’t have picked a better rep!! Love it.
    Luisa recently posted…Zingerman’s Laugenbrezeln (Soft Pretzels)

  27. Wow! That is so fantastic, Sarah!!! Congrats and I can’t wait to see the commercials. You (and your hair) look absolutely amazing.
    Bitchin’ Amy recently posted…Pack Your Bags, the Bitchin’ Wives Club is Heading South

  28. I love to see this! You have amazing hair and a great voice! CONGRATS!! :D

  29. WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Amazing, you so deserve this. Well done.

  30. Woot!! So excited about this, Sarah. Such a fantastic campaign. Yay!
    Gabrielle – Design Mom recently posted…What is Healthy Eating?

  31. This makes complete sense to me. Beautiful inside and out: The obvious choice for Pantene! Congratulations to you!
    Angela recently posted…The Good, The Bad, and The Adorable

  32. Yay! Super exciting!
    Ashley recently posted…Finding Grace in Small Things – # 6

  33. Wow that’s awesome–congratulations! Your hair looks AMAZING in the commercial!
    Ris recently posted…If You Want To Destroy My Sweater

  34. OMG That is so exciting! Congratulations!

  35. wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW! Congratulations! You SO deserve this – it’s incredible. Your hard work is really paying off. So exciting :)

  36. Huge congrats! I am so glad that anyone who wasn’t a Whoorl follower before can now revel in the glory of your amazing hair. You look beautiful. Good on you!

  37. !!!!!!!!!!
    Jora recently posted…Love Day.

  38. Amazing!!! Cannot wait to see you all over my tv!!! Congratulations!!
    Brandy recently posted…Mini Celebrity | Adam Levine

  39. Look at that! It’s amazing! Congratulations. Really love the slow motion twirls and I’m so excited that I KNOW the new Pantene girl! Enjoy the work this month, go get ’em.
    Leslie recently posted…Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer and Cut Paper Inspiration

  40. OMG SO COOl!!!! Congrats!! They could not have picked a more perfect gal for the commercial!!
    Heather recently posted…Emery

  41. That’s awesome and you looked great!

  42. I believe the appropriate response is HOLY CRAP!

  43. literally DYING over this! And about to run out and buy some Pantene! You look amazing and your hair is BEAUTIFUL (which of course it always is!!) Much congrats to you!! :-)
    Shanna ~ My Favorite Everything recently posted…{home & garden} new favorite dining chairs & table

  44. Wow, congratulations!!! You look BEAUTIFUL!!

  45. SO EXCITED for you, friend. I can’t wait to show the kids. They’re going to FREAK. :)

  46. OMG Congratulations! You look stunning!

  47. Amy Lewis Wright says:

    Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! The commercial is awesome and you look gorgeous, girl! Can’t wait to see it on TV!

  48. Whoa… as a long time reader, this is big deal. Congrats. Now you’ve had your hair as a TV focus on 20/20 and now a Pantene commericial.
    martymankins recently posted…Looking For Something?

  49. omg so cool!!!! you look great!!

  50. So great, and officially the first Pantene ad where I wasn’t convinced they were using stunt hair. Great choice, Pantene people! And congratulations to you, Ms. Gorgeous.

  51. This is so major!! It’ll be nice to see a real women represented on a television commercial. Congratulations!

  52. Christine H. says:

    Congratulations! You have gorgeous hair. If I had hair like yours, I would be twirling all day so it would swish like that!

  53. Congrats Sarah. My heart is bursting with pride right now. You deserve every ounce of success that you have. You have worked hard, and worked smart, and remained genuine and “you”. Big hugs to you friend. Enjoy all this. Please….enjoy!!!
    Danielle (elleinadspir) recently posted…Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen…

  54. Victoria Naudi says:

    Amazing! Congratulations and wow! You do have beautiful hair!
    (Oh and vaguely relevant discovery of the day – Pantene is pronounced ‘Panteen’ in the US yet ‘Pantenn’ here in the UK, how odd!

  55. Sarah, Congratulations! Kudos to Pantene for capitalizing on your awesomeness. Here, here!

  56. CONGRATULATIONS! I love Pantene and so pleased that someone I know (Camp Mighty – I’m the one with the bad hair because I didn’t have travel sized product ready for the trip) who actually does have awesome hair is selling product. I agree with Linda, I was always suspicious of stunt hair… until now.

  57. Holy Cow that is so awesome!! Wow! I’m so thrilled for you. And they made such a good choice; your hair is just beautiful and i LOVE the swishhhhhhhhhh!!!!! totally awesome!!

  58. Gorgeous! You, your hair, all the white carpet begging for a kid to spill grape juice… But mostly you and your hair.
    Julie Marsh recently posted…Shopping at JCP can be good for your health

  59. Holy cow!! Congratulations!! I’ve always thought you had the most amazing hair and now it’s official if Pantene has you in one of their commercials.

    You look beautiful in the commercial, and your hair is perfectly swishy.

    I can’t wait to see you on my TV!

  60. Caroline Cohenour says:

    The slow motion hair swish never looked so good!

    I am so excited for you, mama! Lots of love.

  61. OH MY GOD LOOK AT YOU. I’ve been reading your blog for years, so suddenly I feel like I discovered a celebrity. :) Congrats!

  62. Congratulations! First stumbled across a J Crew related post on your blog a few years ago and was instantly feeling we could have been best friends (I don’t mean to sound stalkerish, but your style and personality that comes across are an inspiration for me). So happy to see how the hard work and dedication to your blog(s)has paid off for you. Big congratulations – enjoy!

  63. Screaming with excitement for you over here in NY!! Congrats to you – you hair genius!

    Enjoy it!

    Jill V. / TerraSavvy recently posted…Gardening ~ When Should I Start Planting?

  64. What an incredible fun thing! And your hair looks AMAZING! So swishy! Can’t wait to hear all the behind the scenes stuff about how you prepped for your big close-up!

  65. OMG are you dying? I’m dying. GO YOU, lady!
    Home Sweet Sarah recently posted…#febphotoaday Week Two Plus a Few

  66. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see you on my TV!
    Meaghan recently posted…A Day with Linnea

  67. I said it on Twitter but wanted to say it again- Congratulations! I’m thrilled for you. I might actually not fast forward through the commercials now just so I can hopefully see your ad. :-)
    sizzle recently posted…Registering for Happily Ever After

  68. Love! I especially like the laying on the rug and using the computer shot because I know that is what you do ALL DAY LONG.

    Congratulations, beauty!

  69. You are such an inspiration and great example that hard work and dedication always pay off! Congrats!
    Love the hair swooshing, by the way!

  70. You are AMAZING! Love it! Congratulations!

  71. This is so great for you, but I’m a little confused… isn’t Pantene notoriously horrible for everyone’s hair? I even thought I remembered you saying so on an old Hair Thursday post from years ago, so I am sort of surprised you’d endorse it! Congratulations though, you look lovely.

    • Hey Annie! I do have lots to say on this matter – which will be in an upcoming Hair Thursday post – but for now, I will briefly say the reason I am gaga over the Aqua Light shampoo and conditioner is that Pantene took the silicone out of this formulation, and it has made the biggest difference in my hair not feeling so weighed down.

  72. congrats a million times over! this is such an accomplishment :)

  73. super cool! congratulations!

  74. This is so amazing!!! You are such a rock star, congratulations!!! xx

  75. Congrats Sarah!! Sooo happy for you – you deserve it all, and you look absolutely stunning and so does your hair! Hope to catch you on TV!! :)
    hala recently posted…Reality Check + Free Fadi

  76. HOLY CRAP!!! Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you!
    gorillabuns recently posted…awards

  77. SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Please tell us about how you got your hair to do that fanning action. Because it’s fascinating and hilarious at the same time. Did you get dizzy? Hehe.
    Ashley // Our Little Apartment recently posted…Ads in February : Who Are They?

  78. Haha! How fun was all that swishing!? Congrats!
    bethany actually recently posted…life, the universe, and everything, plus a sleeping baby

  79. Dreamy, off to brag about you some more….

  80. So, that is awesome. Congrats!

  81. LOVE it! love, love love it. snaps big time. you and your hair are famous!
    kat recently posted…this weekend was for… 
    book clubbing with my best gal…

  82. AHHHHHHHHHH! AMAZING, SARAH! YOU GO! So sososoosoo gorgeous. And well deserved. And ROCK!

  83. SHUT UP! I’m so beyond excited for you!!!
    agirlandaboy recently posted…Boy Band

  84. Congratulations Sarah! So awesome for you. Can’t wait to see you in a commercial :)
    Andrea Howe recently posted…Blissdom 2012

  85. I am absolutely ecstatic for you, and honestly, no one’s hair ever deserved this more. ;-)
    Camels & Chocolate recently posted…Birthday Bliss

  86. i’ve watched 3 times now! as i said earlier… STUNNING =).
    Torrie @ a place to share… recently posted…Fabulous fun for everyone.

  87. sarah, this is fantastic news! you look fabulous and I cant wait to see your lovely face all ovah my screen! so exciting!!
    big higs and fist pumps, bhb
    berlin hair baby recently posted…Oscar Hair How To: Angelina Jolie & Lousie Roe

  88. This is so awesome! I just found your blog through a retweet on twitter! Congrats girl, you rocked it and you’re also super gorgeous!
    This Little Momma recently posted…highlights & lowlights

  89. Congrats!! Loved the ad!!!

  90. You look amazing! I love this commercial. You have beautiful hair and you are so deserving of all your successes. Go Sarah! Can’t wait for the details.

  91. WOW!!! Congratulations!!! You are the perfect person for their campaign :)

  92. Wow! How amazing is that?! Well done! You and your hair both deserved this. :-D
    mau recently posted…Scenes from yet another week at home

  93. Amazing! You look fabulous Sarah! Pantene scored landing you for their campaign x
    Christina @ Hair Romance recently posted…The Oscar for Best Hair goes to…

  94. Yay! They picked the right woman! Been following your blog since before Hair Thursday. Congrats!!

  95. Congratulations! You look wonderful!

  96. Rafaella Rauber Kopper says:

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look awesome!

  97. Well, you deserve it!! You have the most amazing, perfectly perfect hair for this! Whoo hooo!! Congratulations! I’m a pantene user by the way, LOVE them!
    Emily @ Peck Life recently posted…Jenny Lind Bed Makeover

  98. Congratulations! Such an exciting venture.
    Madge recently posted…True Story

  99. soooooooooooo freaking cool. You are a celeb! They made a great decision to chose the one and only WHOORL w the shiniest most gorg hair on earth. You look fantastic! What fun.

  100. Thank you SO much, everyone!! It’s like a perma-smile situation over here!

  101. I hardly ever comment but wanted to add my congratulations! Very well deserved.

  102. So many congratulations to you!
    Mama Bub recently posted…Bliss and Books

  103. Yay! Congratulations! It’s so nice to see a “real” person in a commercial and know that it is, actually, a “real” person and not a model.

  104. OMG, I’m dying right along with you. That just made my day. Fantastic job!
    Selfish Mom recently posted…From bad, to worse, to great with runDisney

  105. This is absolute perfection. I AM SO excited for you. All the cheering on Twitter and here is 100% deserved. WOW!!

    Adventures In Babywearing recently posted…While I’m away

  106. This makes me so happy.

  107. This is so awesome, congratulations! Now please tell us what they did to get your hair so shiny – no offense to Pantene, but I refuse to believe that’s just the result of shampoo!

  108. Girl, get your hair swishing on! How fabulous!

  109. That’s awesome! Congrats!!
    Liz recently posted…Oh Snap(s)! Catching up on #FebPhotoADay

  110. Oh my WORD! That is so exciting. Just watched it and your hair is amazing, as always.

    I remember, years ago, I mentioned your blog to my sister, who hadn’t heard of it, and my mom, who was in the room, said “You have to look at it. That woman has the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen in my life.”
    Janssen recently posted…Vegetarian Recipe #13: Tomato & Pesto Soup

  111. SO EXCITING! I hope I see it on TV so I can point it out to all my friends who tell me blogging is a waste of time!
    Amanda recently posted…hello, monday.

  112. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations- you look amazing of course!!!!!!
    Page recently posted…inspiration found elsewhere

  113. Congrats! Look at all the benefits of shiny, happy hair-you get to be in a commercial. So cool. Well deserved, hair whisperer.
    elz recently posted…Oscar Time

  114. I love this for you. YOU ARE FABULOUS! I hope, hope, hope I get to see it on TV. Forgive me the white lie of exclaiming “I KNOW HER! I KNOW HER!” a la Buddy the Elf when I do see it. Even if we haven’t met in person…whatevs. CONGRATS!!!!

  115. Congratulations! I am not surprised. You are so beautiful and talented. You will be fantastic!

  116. WOW! This is so huge! I think I speak for all of your readers when I say we’d really love to buy you a glass of your favorite wine and toast this wonderful news!

    Cathi recently posted…Hastings defeats Bobby Flay

  117. Sarah this is SO AWESOME. Seriously. I couldn’t be happier for you.
    Amy recently posted…On hitting “reset” and a truly awesome weekend…

  118. HOLY CRAP. I just watched the commercial like 6 times. And now I want that conditioner. So it worked, I think.
    Kayla recently posted…Suspended

  119. Many congratulations! So exciting! I love it when good things happen to good people.
    Karianna recently posted…Looking for Snow

  120. SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR. Yeeeeaaaahhh! So proud of you and yep, you look amazing and SO PERFECT for this!


    Congrats, you SO deserve this!
    heather… recently posted…You May Say I’m A Schemer

  122. How exciting!

  123. Jen [Tiny Oranges] says:

    SQUEAL!!!! Congrats!!! You are amazing! I love the commercial (and your swish!!!)
    Jen [Tiny Oranges] recently posted…Monster Removal Guide Children’s Book

  124. So so happy for you!!!

  125. Ah Lady that’s freakin awesome!!!! WTG!
    Siera recently posted…Really Need to Post

  126. Amazing! What an opportunity! And your hair looks fab.

    -ps love the post title.

  127. all I wanna know is how they get the hair SO freaking perfect on those commercials I’m so glad we have someone on the inside to tell us how!

    Pantene is lucky to have you my dear.
    Lindsey (aka modchik) recently posted…Comment on The Pioneer Woman | Food From My Frontier Cookbook by Laura P

  128. You look beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!!

  129. That’s great!

    I’v always liked your site because I feel you give honest reviews, yet I don’t seem to remember you mentioning this particular shampoo/conditioner before. Is this a new favorite?

  130. So awesome! Is this the start of a new career =)

  131. I’m a day late, but this is so super fantastic! Congrats, Sarah!

    Also…do you really like the shampoo? I’m going through an I-hate-all-shampoos-I-own (and am sick of spending money on them) phase so please do tell!
    Janet recently posted…wise owl

  132. congrats!! you look beautiful!

  133. I’M STILL SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! Honestly, the finished product is just fantastic — you look so gorgeous and EVERY INCH the professional. So many congratulations to you, friend!
    Nothing But Bonfires recently posted…Before And After: My Front Door

  134. Don’t worry. I don’t hate you because you’re beautiful! LOL!!

    Wow!!! What an amazing opportunity!! I’m thrilled for you!
    Mandy- Mommy Cracked recently posted…Reading Fair Projects Part 3

  135. HOLY CRAP. This is totally awesome. And very deserved. Congrats!
    Caleb recently posted…The Perfect Straight Razor Shave

  136. What the crap? Sarah, this is incredible!!! No modesty allowed – fully revel in this glory…it is deserved!!!

    Here’s to the beginning of amazing things for you! *clink


  138. Your ad ran during America’s Next Top Model! fantastic!

  139. Wow, you are stunning! Congratulations. The spot is really beautiful. Hope to catch it on TV next time!
    estelle recently posted…Reunion style for the bohemian gal

  140. AMAZING!! Congratulations! I’ll be on the lookout for it!!
    Wendy recently posted…OC Free Event | Birthday Bootcamp

  141. This is SO exciting. I saw the commercial earlier this week while I was feeding an almost-asleep Henry and woke him up with my squeal when I saw you!

  142. You got to be Princess for a month! Congratulations! Now let the residuals roll in!

  143. Just now catching up on my blog-reading, but wanted to say again: SO very thrilled for you, babe. So much awesomeness abounding.
    Kerri Anne recently posted…Back Diving

  144. I am smiling too after that spot. I love the hair spin.

    When I was super young I was in love with hair commercials. I would beg my mom to buy certain shampoos because I thought by applying it my hair would look like the model’s. That meant that one day around 6 years old I begged for ‘Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific’ because I thought it would make my hair curly. Then my mom had to explain advertising to me. It kind of burst my bubble, but I still find a thrill in the magic of it all.
    Desi recently posted…Movin’ on up.


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