Dream Journal


Don’t worry, I promise I won’t make this a regular occurrence because seriously, who wants to hear about people’s dreams? BUT DUDE, I have bizarre ones.

For instance, last night I dreamt I was at an Andrew Bird concert with Wito. Somehow, we took Bob Dylan’s seat, but he was totally cool with letting me sit in his space. (Ah, Bob. What a gentleman. I guess he would rather sit on the pavement and talk about the gov’ment.)

Wito was singing along rather forcefully, and Andrew walked over to us, mid-song, putting the microphone in Wito’s face, where he proceeded to sing the entire song verbatim. (Imitosis, for those of you needing additional inane details.)

Then, as Wito was singing like a perfect little cherub, Andrew leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You have insanely beautiful eyes”, which caused me to blush like a little schoolgirl, but before I could respond with a thank you, he said, “But you really need to learn how to use eyeliner”.


Why am I telling you this? Well, my friends, I have a deadline looming and figured it’s time you knew how I respond to such situations. I ramble on incessantly about my dreams instead of working. Peace be with you.

(Although, when I see Andrew Bird’s show in two weeks, I will surely apply my eyeliner with deft precision.)



  1. I’m actually quite certain that this SHOULD be a regular feature. And even more influential I’m certain, so does Miss Sassy Kay.

  2. I love that song! I have cuckoo dreams all the time. A few weeks ago I dreamt that Bono and I sang a duet at someone’s wedding. I have no idea why that would scenario would pop up in my psyche!

  3. I am seeing him tomorrow night and I am BESIDE MYSELF with looking-forward-to-it-ness. Although last time when I saw him in Atlanta he flatly refused to take a picture with us (I think he really shies away from attention/tortured artist/SWOON..or else he didn’t appreciate me boozily waving my camera at him. Maybe tomorrow. Fingers crossed.)

    Isn’t he incredible live? SWOON is right!

  4. I would love to have this dream. And I LOVE that song. So sad he isn’t coming to SD.

  5. Since seeing him in St. Louis eighteen months ago, I often dream of knitting a really amazing pair of striped socks for him.

    If I wasn’t so into that whole Forsaking All Others thing, I’d totally want to make out with him.

  6. I agree with Slynnro, keep posting your dreams! I think they make fascinating tales…

  7. Having seen Andrew Bird before, you will be entertained. He puts on a great show.

    It’s not my first, so yes, I concur. He puts on a great show.

  8. Does Dream Wito take requests? Because I’d love to hear him tackle “Fake Palindromes,” my personal fave.

  9. That is awesome!

    I had a dream last night that I was in a work meeting and I was meeting with Amalah.

  10. I like your dreams better than mine. Once, I dreamt that Michelle Duggar was teach me how to be a good wife.

  11. i love hearing other people’s odd dreams…but i’m quirky that way.

    my craziest dream of late had me frantically creating a powerpoint presentation and a dinner party for barak obama…at the same time.

  12. I had the naked-at-work dream last week, but in mine after I found myself naked all my coworkers became jealous and demanded the right to be naked too.

    And now I need to check out this Andrew Bird guy.

  13. Could you understand Bobby? Does dream bobby enunciate? Now that is magical.

  14. I’ve always had insane dreams too. I once dreamed that my family and I lived in an all glass house and an animated snake was lurking outside trying to kill us. No joke, I’ll never forget it.