JewelMint (+ Giveaway!)


My day-to-day jewelry vibe usually involves tiny gold and diamond studs in my ears, my wedding band on my left hand, at least 2-3 gold bracelets and my fave chunky gold watch on my right arm (lefties unite!), and a necklace of some sort. That’s the look. Almost EVERY DAY. It’s relatively simple and straight-forward and me, but sometimes I dream of spicing it up a bit.

Enter JewelMint. When I was offered the opportunity to choose some pieces from the line, I jumped on it. I told myself I wasn’t allowed to choose any stud earrings or gold bracelets- this time I would mix it up with some dangly earrings and statement rings.

Here are the pieces I found.

Thunderbird Earrings

Midnight Soiree Ring

Dahlia Blossom Ring

Friendship Bracelets – Wita loved her very first bracelet from mommy

I adore all of these pieces, truly. The earrings are gorgeous (and lightweight!), the rings have both made appearances this week, and Wita has pretty much called dibs on the friendship bracelets. (It’s starting early, folks. I might have to put a lock on my closet, like Real Housewife Mary Schmidt. Help.)

What I can’t get over is the price. You all, the pieces are $29.99. I thought for sure when I opened up the JewelMint box, I would be dealing with jewelry that looked and felt like, well, $29.99 jewelry. Not the case at all! The pieces are super well-made, the rings are sturdy and have a nice weight to them, and I was really pleasantly surprised.

You should see for yourself! The lovely folks at JewelMint are giving away one piece of jewelry of the winner’s choice, and there is so much to choose from. Just leave a comment on this post before Sunday, February 26th at 6pm PST and you’ll be entered to win.

Also, if you see something you just must have right away, please use the code WHOORL50 – good for 50% off your first piece, valid until 2/29/12. (First time buyers only.)

Now, go forth and find some jewelry!



  1. Oh, so so lovely! Those rings are calling my name!

  2. I have been on the fence about joining JewelMint but I might have just been won over. gorgeous purchases!

  3. Ooooo – I love a big chunky ring!

  4. Me, please! I wear the same necklace and my rings every day, and that’s usually it. I need to mix it up!
    Courtney recently posted…my new mantra

  5. You already talked me into StyleMint… this looks great too!

  6. I love that Soiree ring!
    Monica recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Relaxing

  7. I really want to try Jewelmint sometime, I’ve wondered about the $30 price tag too. I’m glad to hear you think they are well made.

  8. That Dahlia Blossom ring. Oh man, it made my heart skip a beat!

  9. Love, love, love the ring! And I’m hooked on Stylemint now thanks to your recent post :-)

  10. Lefties unite indeed! My husband and I are both lefties. And I think you should be the official model for Jewelmint because you look stunning modeling those earrings. Makes me want to buy some and I don’t even wear earrings!

  11. Ooh, I’d like to spice things up every now and again, too. (My everyday jewelry is just my wedding rings!)

  12. Like you, I probably need to branch out from the usual basic earrings and rings combo that I wear everyday. Looks like a nice selection!
    Robin recently posted…Poppy and memory

  13. Oh I love the puzzle pieces ring!
    Ris recently posted…Nothing Left to Lose

  14. OMG – I need that Dahlia Blossom ring! My day to day jewelry is very basic as well. This proves to me that I need to spice it up!

  15. Like I need another shopping lure but damn it, I love that dahlia ring! Those are the colors of my wedding. WOO!
    sizzle recently posted…Avoidance Master

  16. The Midnight Soiree Ring is gorg. Great to know the quality is there.

  17. Love the ring! I would love a chance for a shopping spree. :)
    kate recently posted…Water Bottles Bring Light

  18. I love those rings! Especially the Midnight Soiree Ring.
    Julie recently posted…Wordish Wednesday {Passion}

  19. I’d love a jewelmint shopping spree!

  20. I would love to add some pieces to freshen up my spring look!

  21. First of all, you lady are gorgeous. And I absolutely LOVE the pieces that jewelmint has to offer. I’d like to have one of each – seriously.
    SJ recently posted…Images of Times Passed

  22. Lovely!

  23. Love the second ring!

  24. LOVE them all :)

  25. These look so beautiful!
    Julie recently posted…Spoiler Alert

  26. there are some lovely pieces on that site…thanks for the tip!

  27. Loving the earrings AND your cat eyes!

  28. Betty Martha says:

    i would like to win, please. thank you.

  29. love the earrings. i’m becoming slightly obsessed about all these sights!
    gorillabuns recently posted…amberbot

  30. I love jewelry and I would love to win some!

  31. Love it all!

  32. I think the puzzle pieces ring is my favorite.

  33. Oooh, I love those pieces! Recently, through my kids or my own clumsiness, I have broken a bunch of necklaces and would love to get some new ones!

  34. Love those rings!

  35. My jewelry is always the same too. I could definitely use a change up.

  36. Oh nice balance of metals and flat colors. yummy.

  37. I don’t have a lot of accessories but I NEED to start accessorizing more. Jewelmint may be the help that I need. Love the earrings by the way. They look fab on you!

  38. love that chunky ring. so cute!
    laura recently posted…happy birthday bestie

  39. I would *love* a gorg cocktail ring!

  40. Fun! I’m in!
    Home Sweet Sarah recently posted…Dinner docket

  41. The midnight soiree ring is SO lovely!
    Courtney recently posted…Boo!

  42. Love the rings!!! Need to go check out the site for all the other awesome stuff.

  43. Love those bracelets! So pretty!

  44. It’s all so gorgeous! I love it!

  45. Cute stuff! Love those earrings and your eyeliner!

  46. Ooooh, I love the idea…and the price. I can never find inexpensive jewelry that I actually like, so I’m very intrigued by this.
    Cupboard Love recently posted…Fat doesn’t make you fat. Carbs make you fat – The Infographic.

  47. The first statement ring is GORGEOUS. I need.

  48. Those earrings are so pretty! I’m always looking for new jewelry to change up my boring look!

  49. Stephanie M says:

    Great colors!

  50. Oooo! I want some friendship bracelets- I love that they are back and so much prettier than the ones I made in 4th grade!

  51. I love the Here To Eternity Set.

  52. Lefties unite, indeed! I love the Thunderbird earrings! I need to wear as many dangly earrings as I can before I have another baby and put them away, as I live in a little bit of fear that they will be ripped out of my ears.
    Jessica recently posted…What I’ve been reading


  54. I have been crushing on those friendship bracelets.
    Danielle (elleinadspir) recently posted…This isn’t the Glichtman Barmitzvah is it? Mosha are you in here, no?

  55. Uh-oh. I just drooled on myself. Lovely pieces!

  56. Oh, those rings are so pretty!

  57. Christina C says:

    I like the friendship bracelets!

  58. The pieces look nice and I’ve been wanting to update my jewelry. Thanks! And wow, 50% off a piece – very nice! Thanks!

  59. Robin Howell says:

    Fun! I’d love to win!!

  60. I LOVE the orange and blue ring. and the earrings you got. and yeah for lefties!!!

  61. LOVE the friendship bracelets. lefties unite!

  62. Love the chunky rings. Great conversation pieces! LOVE!

  63. Some people might say I have too much jewelry already. I would say they’re wrong!!

  64. love the friendship bracelets!

  65. Ooooh… pretty!

  66. Love it! I rarely buy jewery – and it’s my goal not only to buy it but to wear it!

  67. Love it! I rarely buy jewelry – and it’s my goal not only to buy it but to wear it!

  68. The friendship bracelets are awesome. thinking that i need some… pronto.

  69. What beautiful jewelry! I see so many things I love

  70. Oooh, lovely! I wear the same two rings every day, one of 3 necklaces, and one of a few pairs of earrings. All silver or white gold. I could use some color!

  71. So beautiful! I’d love some dangly, spring-y earrings!

  72. Just signed up and spent way too much time there and at StyleMint!
    Leslie recently posted…Back to our regular programming

  73. I love the Dahilia Blossom ring! Very nice!

  74. I LOVE, love, LOVE the Thunderbird earrings you’re wearing in this post! My fave!
    CharlieSue recently posted…On smiling anyway

  75. fingers crossed i win – love the earings!

  76. Love the earrings! I am getting desperate in my jewelry selection. Need to freshen it up a bit!

  77. This post makes me feel very Gimme Gimme…those are some beautiful baubles!
    Susannah recently posted…Endless Summer

  78. I adore your style, and those pieces are beautiful! Would love to have some new baubles :)

  79. I’ve had a crush on JewelMint for quite a while now but have yet to bring myself to buy something because I’m worried about the quality. I think I might take the plunge finally!
    Jennifer recently posted…What’s to eat Wednesday?

  80. MichelleLG says:

    adorable! love love love the friendship bracelets! i’m expecting our first little one in 2 weeks and if its a girl i am all over the kid-sized bracelet for her. oh simple jewelry + little chubby girl wrists, squeeee! :o)

  81. I LOVE JewelMint. It’s so addictive. Their pieces are such great quality and so unique. I love the Midnight Soiree Ring on you!

  82. Those earrings are gorgeous. Also, that picture of (you, and) the ring? Maybe one of my all-time favorite pictures of you ever. Stunning.
    Kerri Anne recently posted…Back Diving

  83. ??? Louis ??? says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway – I love the Trésor Ring

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  84. BEAUTIFUL – I especially adore the rings!

  85. They’re beautiful — I just love the earrings, but I should definitely get a ring!
    Emily recently posted…Books of 2011

  86. I love those Thunderbird earrings!
    Amy recently posted…Friendship Truths

  87. Nice rings!

  88. I would LOVE some new jewelry. I’m terrible at selecting it in stores.

  89. Friendship bracelets! I adore thee:)

  90. I love the earrings in the top picture!
    Allison recently posted…Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe + A Giveaway

  91. Lovely photos! That last photo is just too darn sweet. I would love to win a piece from Jewelmint, I really like the pretty Aqua Bomb Ring. Thank you!

    P.S. Has anyone ever old you that you resemble the actress Anne Hathaway? You remind me of her! I hope you take that as a compliment, thats how I mean it :)

  92. I adore the black ring!
    Life As Wife recently posted…The Apartment Monster

  93. I would love some new dangly earrings!

  94. RE the Explora cups — you have to put them back together so that the circle clear plastic goes through the white plastic part. I think you can youtube it. But until I figured out how to clip them together, using them was a disaster. They don’t leak though.
    reena recently posted…Beaters

  95. I love the rings you picked….and the bracelets are fabulous.

  96. Your choices are fabulous! The colors are beautiful. The earrings really pop against your dark hair.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. Fantastic Jewelry Finds!

  98. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  99. I love the dangly earrings…pretty stuff!

  100. Beautiful!

  101. I love the pieces you picked out! I will definitely be checking out the website!

  102. Lovely accesories :)

    abegail856 @ gmail dot com

  103. incredible! i’m in love with that midnight soiree ring – especially after seeing how it looks on you! fingers crossed..!

  104. I am also trying to diversify my accessory action. This would be a great boost!

  105. Love it! That’s a real bargain for those pieces.

  106. I love all of them! Fingers crossed.

  107. I love the little friendship bracelet on Wita!

  108. love all of them, especially those cute earrings!

  109. I am a jewelry whore! Beautiful pieces! All of them.

  110. My new year’s resolution included no buying of shoes or accessories, except running shoes. But it doesn’t count if it’s a prize/giveaway, right?

  111. Love the rings!!
    Misty recently posted…Blue, Blue, BLUE

  112. That is some beautiful jewelry!

  113. The jewelry on that site is fantastic – perfectly fits my current (desired) aesthetic. Thanks for the intro!

  114. Thanks for pointing this company out! Also, hooray for lefties and watches on the right wrist. :)

  115. Beautiful!

  116. I love those bracelets, all of them!!

  117. Ohlala! I like!

  118. I am in love with statement rings.

  119. Loved those friendship bracelets!

  120. Great photos! You really showcased the pieces well :)
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  121. Looks good!

  122. Lovely pieces.

  123. Cute! I would love to try out one of those rings!

  124. I like this lots.

  125. So many gorgeous options! Thanks for this giveaway :)
    Tender Allure recently posted…Sneakpeeq Giveaway

  126. i love it all!
    britt recently posted…a wordless wednesday…

  127. Love fun jewelry that stands out!

  128. Love it all. Your eye liner rocks in the earring picture!

  129. your winged eyeliner looks fabulous! need to check out jewelmint
    berlin hair baby recently posted…My Dog’s in Love with a Cat

  130. Stefanie W. says:

    So lovely! Must check out immediately.

  131. Love the midnight soiree ring!

  132. Yes please!!

  133. I love the Dahlia Blossom Ring you chose!

  134. Cutey cute! Pick me! :)

  135. love both rings!

  136. Oh, fun! Maybe I’ll actually change my jewelry now and then.
    Mama Bub recently posted…Obsessed/Neglect

  137. the friendship bracelets are so pretty!
    beyond recently posted…photo a day

  138. Heard about JewelMint, but thank you Sarah for an informative post that finally peaked my interest in looking into JewelMint’s selections. $29.99 for those pieces? Gorgeous! JewelMint prices make me feel like I have jewelry money left over for gas (I paid $4.70 a gallon today. Yay.) As usual, thank you for sharing with us! Xoxo

  139. I need to add bold jewelry to my wardrobe…love this stuff!

  140. Love those rings!

  141. Sign me up!

  142. All these pieces are gorgeous. I definitely don’t have enough jewelry!
    Stacey D. recently posted…Bad Days

  143. Beautiful!

  144. Very nice-looking and unusual, I’d love to have something from JewelMint.

  145. I love those thunderbird earrings! Fun pieces.

  146. Beautiful! And I love the pricepoint!

  147. Those pieces are lovely!

  148. Oh yes, I like them all!

  149. Tina Renee says:

    I love all the pieces you picked, especially the earrings!!

  150. Wow, I’ve always wanted to try a big ring like that. Your bling is nudging me along.

  151. LaTasha Boswell says:

    I just discovered Jewelmint & I’m in LOVE!!! I don’t don’t know how I’m going to choose which items to buy when I love them all!!!

  152. I love Jewelmint and your style and would love to win this!

  153. Love the thunderbird earrings! I just bought a dress that would look fabulous with those.

  154. I love the Thunderbird earrings. Are those made of resin, glass, or coral? :)

  155. I would LOVE to win!

  156. I love that ring!