Mindful Monday: Happiness Hygiene

Let’s talk about happiness for a second. Holbrook Jackson said that “happiness is a form of courage,” and I wholeheartedly agree. It takes a lot of courage to be happy – to make the big (and sometimes scary) changes necessary to become a happier person….

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Odds and Ends

1. Have you seen this app that turns your photos into watercolors? I’m slightly obsessed. 2. Heather from Dooce tried my curling iron technique and looks HOT. Dayum, girl! 3. OMG, this post on Tracy’s organized pantry is like porn to me. 4. Eat butter. TIME’s new…

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Summer Reads 2014

This post is sponsored by Scribd. Well, it seems I’m still devouring nonfiction as you can see from this summer’s reading list. (Although, hey, 1 of the 8 is fiction. Uh, metaphysical fiction, but FICTION. Large strides I’m taking, people.) As you probably have gathered,…

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Roadtrip Through The Grand Canyon – Advice Please!

We are road-tripping to Colorado later this summer, and need a halfway point to stop and explore. Now, incredulous as it might seem, the family vetoed my idea of traipsing the native land and finding a drum circle or something. The nerve! I mean, LET’S BE ONE…

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Mindful Monday: Resilience

I recently listened to the most fascinating talk by Dr. Joan Borysenko (a powerhouse with three post-doctoral Harvard fellowships in cell biology, behavioral medicine, and psychoneuroimmunology…um, she’s just kind of smart) on the subject of resilience. What is resilience? Well, the dictionary says it’s “the…

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Non-Odds and Ends

Since I apparently can’t stay awake past 9:20pm lately (it’s 9:07pm as I write this, and hey, after last year’s insomnia extravaganza, I’m NOT complaining), I am skipping this week’s link-compiling, and hitting you with a little bit of this action. My children jamming out…

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