odds and ends

1. After my lengthy jaunt with multiple antibiotics, I’m all about healing my gut right now. I’ve bought a couple books on fermenting, and am getting ready to make my first bone broth this weekend. Thanks to Jora, I’m now completely obsessed with this website…

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Melissa Loves Giveaway

I wrote about my necklace a few weeks ago, but I neglected to tell you that in the process of finishing the design, the original necklace was lost in the mail. Melissa was so kind and generous to make and send another necklace to me, even…

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Whoorlita’s Wardrobe

It’s that time again…a little bit of Whoorlita’s wardrobe. I have to say, the girl loves to do these photos – in fact, she’s been quite the little art director lately. “How about this spot, mama? Do you like this pose?” Two things about the…

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Mindful Monday: Overcoming Pain. Loss, and Grief

A few weeks ago, I received a comment on this post in regards to my belief that God/the universal life force is inherently good, but you must commit to the practice of seeking that force out. Here it is: I have always really wanted to believe…

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Let’s Talk About Rebounding

Have you guys heard of rebounding? Apparently, I need to start. Long story short, my lymphatic system needs a boost, and from what I gather, jumping on a mini trampoline is the best exercise in regards to detoxifying your system. But, YOU GUYS. Will I need to don…

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Mindful Monday: The Open Secret

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It was a good one over here with Mother’s Day and all – Wita kept screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!” to me in public spaces all day. (I appreciate her holiday fervor, even though my birthday is in November.) It was…

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