iphone not ringing

Is Your iPhone Not Ringing? This Could Be Why

I’m not a tech blogger, but I (FINALLY) figured out something last night that had been driving me crazy for the past several months. I thought it was just me, but after posting on my Facebook page, it seems many of you are/were having the…

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Wardrobe Essentials: Silk Blouses

What’s your everyday look? Although I attempt to keep things fresh (but seriously, when will I realize that day dresses are a personal pipe dream?), I do have a mainstay ensemble combination that gets me through most days. Blazer + Silk(y) Blouse + Denim +…

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Odds and Ends

1. You guys, my son is almost up to my shoulder. Do you remember when he looked like this? #sobbing (Shirt. Belt. Jeans. Shoes.) 2. My friend Laura has some great spring cleaning ideas. 3. Do you follow Eating Whole on Instagram? She’s the best….

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Our Homebuying Moment Realized

This post is sponsored by Trulia, but the views expressed here are solely mine. To learn more click here. Our house is finished. Well, okay, a house is NEVER truly finished, right? BUT we just completed the outdoor paint and landscaping, and it feels pretty…

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odds and ends

1. “Maybe it’s not my period. MAYBE I’M REALLY DYING THIS TIME.” <– The mental dialogue I have with myself every month. Will it ever cease? Probably not. #hatehormones 2. I call bullshit on a few of these. What do you think? 3. What you…

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