This is helping a little bit.

Okay, so I’m in my second week of dealing with generalized anxiety and panic attacks related to some health stuff. (Not to worry- nothing terribly serious. And I’m doing enough worrying for the collective group, trust me.) Stinking great times over here, let me tell…

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Breaking Bad Habits and Potty Training. Good Stuff.

You guys, this has been a rough week for many. Sorry for the silence, but I’ve been dealing with some stuff myself over here. Hopefully I’ll be back next week feeling just fab. In the meantime, here are two of the latest Mama Said videos…

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How To Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

I hate that I’m writing this right now. D and I had one of our very favorite photographers shoot our home today, and I was literally brimming with excitement, knowing we were one step closer to sharing photos of our home’s transformation. That was, until…

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Odds and Ends

This is going to be a short list, folks. Mama is so sleep deprived this week. (I’m telling you right now, PMS + a couple of childbirths + nearing 40 = WHACKADOODLE. It seems I’m not the only one, either. What gives, you all? Is…

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Sarah Says Q & A

I have this little list…okay, it’s a big list. A huge list. A COLOSSAL LIST of post ideas inspired by your comments on previous posts. Have you ever asked me a question or had a post suggestion, and I responded with an enthusiastic thumbs up?…

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How To Use Feedly

As many of you know, Google Reader is finito as of July 1, 2013. Sadness! You all know how much I adored the next button, right? When presented with a conundrum like this, you can choose two different routes. Remain in complete denial until POOF,…

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