The Great Ankle Boot Search of 2012

To say I’ve been on quite a search for a new pair of ankle boots (aka “booties”) this season would be an understatement. (Although the word “booties” makes me snicker. I AM SO IMMATURE.) Even though we are in the midst of house renovation crazy…

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Let’s Talk About Poop

The newest episode of Mama Said is hard-hitting, you all. Hard-hitting, premiere filmmaking up in this joint. Grab your toilet paper.

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Little Black Submarines

My kids got a huge gold star yesterday. I recently wrote about Wita’s usurping of the car stereo, which has been an interesting time for me. As the daughter of a musician, listening to sugary sweet, over-produced tracks is like a huge middle finger to…

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Stella & Dot Favorites (+ Free Jewelry!)

Stella & Dot. Methinks you might know about this company…but have you heard of Courtney Ford? Yep, that’s her up there with the perfectly wavy chin-length bob. (Seriously, the hair is beyond Pinterest-worthy.) So, Courtney is a working mama of two adorable little boys, Ian…

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House Renovation Update #6

1 here. 2 here. 3 here. 4 here. 5 here. Man, I just can’t seem to get these renovation updates done on time, but here’s the latest! The floors are done, and we are in looooove. Ripping out the floor in the kitchen and dining…

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What I Want For My Birthday

  November 6th is going to be a great day for two reasons. #1 – it’s my birthday (38! PARTAAAYYY, you know, if by “partying,” you mean staying up late to watch the poll results), and #2 – Americans will have the chance to vote…

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