We Got The House!

You all, we got The House. We. Got. The. House. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Let me back up a bit. So, I wrote the post. Several days passed…D and I were still in the dumps about losing the property, and we just couldn’t buck up…

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Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

It all started with the post about cookbooks, which led to purchasing Everyday Food, which led obsessively watching every video by Sarah Carey. Have you watched her videos? Not only is she the Editor-in-Chief of Everyday Food, but she’s fantastic to watch on camera. She…

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Soft and Pretty Makeup Tutorial

Three cheers for a summer makeup tutorial! Although, I’m not really sure why I call this a “summer” look, when in truth, you can easily wear this year-round. This is the perfect makeup routine for a natural, glowing, dewy, happy face. (The video automatically plays…

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Week in Photos

This one turns six this weekend. HUH WHUT? This one would like to remind you that she’s two. She’s growing like a weed. I got some new kicks. The brighter, the faster, right? Early summer morning ritual. Can’t get enough watermelon. The House That Got…

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Double Duty Beauty

Oh lovely ladies, I have a question for you. I’m filming a segment later this month entitled “Double Duty Beauty,” and need your fab suggestions. Basically, I’d love to hear about any products you have in your home that serve two purposes in regards to…

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