New House? What New House?

Hello! I disappeared there for second, didn’t I?  It’s just that I’ve been, you know, doing stuff. All in a tremendous effort to stop thinking about the new house (yay!) and escrow (stressful!) and renovations (new kitchen!) and new schools (hope it works out!) and…

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Step Away From the Spray Bottle, Sir

Over the past few years, we’ve rarely strayed from Wito’s signature hairstyle. You’ve seen it before…the swoopy, longer bangs in the front…short, but not too short in the back… It just suits him. Not that the haircut doesn’t have its drawbacks, though. It can get…

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Sideswept Bangs: Control Your Cowlicks!

The past 6 years of my follicular existence have always included some sort of bang situation on my forehead. Short, long, blunt, sideswept…you name it, I’ve done it. It seems I’ve settled on a sideswept look – mainly because they are so much easier to…

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The Olympic Dream Is Alive and Well (+Odds and Ends)

1. I miss the Olympics. It’s ridiculous, actually, because my experience with the Olympics had to be the worst in the world…being on the West Coast with the tape delay, it was like the entire entirety of the universe knew what happened before I did….

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Psst…Jacadi on Gilt Kids Today

Gilt Kids is gearing up for back to school by kicking off an exclusive sale on one of my favorite brands in the whole wide world, Jacadi. Ohhhh, it’s some cute business, I tell ya. Visit to check out all the goodies. (Plus, from…

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The Carpool Line

I recently had a full-on Mr. Mom moment at Wito’s school. The honking, the traffic flow volunteer flashing me the “roll down your window while I admonish your blatant disregard for the drop-off procedure” sign (if you are wondering- it’s moving the right arm in…

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