Sucker for Stripes

My love for stripes has been documented many times (this is probably considered a problem by some), but my adoration is still going strong. Gilt Baby & Kids has some great nautical-inspired pieces on sale right now, so I’m thinking you must check them out…

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Oh, you guys. I’ve been waiting to post for the past several days – just daydreaming of a fun way to tell you that we were in escrow on our first house. Not only our first house, but THE house. Our house. The house that…

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Let’s Talk Cookbooks

I love my cookbooks, however most of my collection above involves a decent amount of preparation. I don’t know about you, but the hours of 5-7pm around my home are insane. D is not home yet, the kids are hungry and wanting attention every minute,…

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Bras and Panties and Shapewear, Oh My!

I’m talking with Margaret from The Lingerie Goddess about bras and saggy post-breastfeeding boobs and panty lines and girdles (uh, I mean “shapewear”) and all that good stuff in this week’s episode of the SJ Show. I also managed to get fitted for a bra…

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So Smitten With This Hair

Yet another Pinterest gem, I came across a photo of the most lovely, sun-kissed hair color a few weeks ago. I clicked through to Box No. 216  and found an absolute mecca of gorgeous hair. (Seriously, I don’t even want to tell you how much…

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Odds and Ends

Duchamp’s Answering Machine – best colors ever 1. I completed Couch to 5K earlier this week. (Ran 3 miles without stopping at a 10:30-minute mile pace. Woo!) So, in honor of that little achievement, I posted a newbie’s running guide at Babble. It barely scrapes…

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