Dapper Duds

We are Oklahoma bound tomorrow morning, as D’s sister is getting married this weekend. One thing that always gets me excited about weddings is dressing Wito. Sure, dressing little Wita is fun, but girls are SO. MUCH. EASIER when it comes to getting dressed. Little…

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How To Burn 1,000 Calories While Wii Boxing

You guys. Wito has taken Wii Boxing to an entirely new level. If you choose to watch this clip, please take note of a few details. 1. The level of spastic boxing increases at every round. If you prefer a 5-second spaz summary, please check…

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Odds and Ends

1. Operation Peony Lim is in full effect over here. My hair is approaching chest level, and I keep looking at photos of her for inspiration. photo credit: Citizen Couture 2. Speaking of hair, have you checked out Hair Thursday lately? Go ahead, take a…

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Yes, I am writing a post about a vacuum cleaner.

What? You mean you don’t vacuum your house in a dress and heels? DOMESTIC GODDESS STATUS REVOKED! Let’s talk about the newest love of my life. Yes, it’s a vacuum cleaner, and although some of you might think that a little awkward, if you’ve been…

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Have you all heard of BeautyMint? It’s an individualized skincare system matching specific problems with targeted solutions. By getting to know your skin through skin care expert Nerida Joy’s consultation (the same one she uses at her famed Beverly Hills clinic), a customized skin care…

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My Brain is still in Hawaii

I need to go back right now. Thank you to the Westin Maui for sending us to paradise. I’ll be posting about our trip at Babble starting this week.

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