The Brand New Kirtsy (+ My Fave Hair Images!)

Many of you know the awesome-est of awesome websites, Kirtsy. (If not, you can read the mini-history of the website here.) The brand new, redesigned Kirtsy just launched, and every day, the site will feature slideshows curated by “some of the most interesting people on…

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The Top Knot

Last December, I cut a fair amount of hair off, and with the exception of 5 or 6 days since, I’ve been in mourning. It hasn’t mattered how “fresh” people told me it looks or that “I needed the change,” the truth is, I LIKE…

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The Wishing Tree

The Huggies Every Little Bottom team featured a wishing tree activity in their suite at the EVO conference a few weeks ago in Salt Lake City. Attendees were encouraged to share wishes for babies, whether their own or babies in general. Some were hilarious, some…

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Yellow Fever

Oh J. Crew, your new yellow arrivals have my head spinning. Want. It. All.

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The Braid

This braid is beyond. It’s a twirling barefoot in the damp grass braid. A flowing, flowered maxi skirt braid. A sun kissed shoulders with rosy, glowing cheeks braid. I want to make out with it. Are you feeling me (up)? Not the easiest look to…

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Five Things

1. What is going on with women’s disposable razors these days? Neon colors! Glitter! Tropical scents! Who in the hell needs a disposable razor that smells like jasmine? Really, people? Is a scented razor handle truly going to take your showering experience to the next…

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