Aiming to be a B+

I adore Joslyn’s blog. Whether I’m searching for inspiration or adding a few things to my must-have list, I can always count on her impeccable eye and stellar taste. And if THAT wasn’t enough, many of her posts focusing on parenting make me want to…

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Desert Bound

We’re in Palm Springs, lounging by the pool for a few days. Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Helping Families With Diaper Need

A few weeks ago, I accepted the opportunity to be a Blogger Ambassador for the Huggies® Every Little Bottom Program. To be completely honest, I wasn’t looking for any sort of blogger “ambassadorships” (wait, is that even a word?) at the time. I truly felt…

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What Have You Learned From Oprah?

I’m not much of a daytime TV gal, so I’d be embellishing if I told you that I watched Oprah regularly. I don’t. However, I admire her endlessly. Last year, right around the time the Babies movie was released, I saw that Oprah was doing…

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Delicious Pork and Beans Stew

It’s almost summer. Sunny days at the pool, balmy nights…I mean, it’s practically synonymous with a hearty stew prepared in a slow cooker, right? Okay, okay. I know. TOTAL OPPOSITES, but let me tell you why I prefer using my slow cooker in the summer…

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French Perfection

I love Marion Cotillard. How darling does she look in this still from Woody Allen’s movie, Midnight in Paris? The bob, the sailor collar, the PERFECT NEUTRAL T-STRAPS. (Speaking of neutral t-straps, today’s the last day to enter the $100 Shopbop giveaway! Do it!) If…

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