Hotheads Extensions are RAD

I totally forgot to tell you all that I put in a few Hotheads extensions into my hair a couple of months ago. I know what you’re thinking – Sarah just can’t live without long hair, but actually, I didn’t use the extensions for length….

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Navy and White Stripes

Oh navy and white striped top I wear one of you nonstop So cute with skinnies, flats or a mini A bright scarf helps you to pop Oh navy and white striped top My love for you won’t stop A couple are fine But I’ve…

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Sayonara, Butterfly Tattoo! Part One

See that faded pastel, sad-looking butterfly tattoo on my back? Yep, I’m getting rid of it FOR GOOD. Thanks to the lovely folks over at South Coast Med Spa, my butterfly tattoo will be a faint memory in the near future. If you feel so…

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Wita: The Great Mystery

Wita is 9 months old, y’all. 9 months! According to my highly scientific calculations (counting on my fingers), this means she will be one year old in less than three months. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Wita, Wita, Wita. This girl is a mystery, I tell…

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Clava Giveaway Winner!

I need to get myself a WordPress comment counting plugin because 734 comments? DAMN. Without further ado, the winner of the gorgeous Clava Zipper Tote is… #355, Lisa! Congratulations, Lisa! Your bag will be on the way shortly.

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