Reason #2,253 Why I Love Her

Just like her mother, she appreciates a well-placed pocket. Whoah. Where did my hand just go? Not sure I like this at all. Although, this could be a wonderful thing. Pockets certainly are functional. I could, you know, put stuff in there. Interesting. Yes, I…

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Lovely Lily

I’m not a huge fan of some of the celebrity ombre looks out there, but Lily Aldridge gets it just right. I love the variation of color without looking too “i’ve grown my roots out for the past 6 months.” Girl crush!

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2010 Fall and Winter Hair Trends

Redken Creative Consultant Guido did a LOT of hair at the 2010 Fall/Winter shows this past month. “This season we looked at everything with a different point of view, and took different directions to update iconic styles—everything from ‘60s boho to ‘90s grunge.” TIPS: •…

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Errands, Shopping, Swaddles, Missing Teeth and Ass-Kicking

Quite a massive posting lull last week, yes? My mom came to visit the kiddos for three days! Besides enjoying some mother/daughter time, do you know how thrilling it is to run errands with another adult in the car? Not only will your conversations include…

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My Blowouts Will Never Be The Same

I don’t want to get too excited, BUT I think I might have found the holy grail heat protectant/setting spray. (Squeeeeeeeeee!) (Compose yourself, Sarah.) Before I delve in, let me give you my criteria for loving a product. 1. It has to actually do what…

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I always need to be doing something. Always, always, always. In fact, I come from a wickedly intense lineage of always-need-to-be-doing-somethingers on both sides of my family. Oh, how we long to gaze out the window calmly while daydreaming or actually sit down to watch…

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