My Thoughts on Infant Hair Accessories

From what I gather, some people don’t take too well to their offspring being identified as the opposite sex. I happen to think most infants look rather unisex, so this issue has never bothered me personally. Why, just a couple of weeks ago, a lady…

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The Greatest Gift

When we were preparing for Wito’s arrival, my very generous parents wanted to buy us something special for the baby. We decided on a lovely green Bugaboo which, although falling out of favor during Wito’s 3rd and 4th years for the much lighter Maclaren Volo,…

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Avon Lotus Shield Video Review

Don’t forget to enter the Lotus Shield giveaway before 6pm PST tonight!! As for the video, please excuse my slight sleep deprivation. (But I put makeup on for the first time in weeks! Bravo, self!) To learn more about Avon Lotus shield, check out my…

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Tucker for Target at Gilt

See these blouses? I can’t control the drool coming out of my mouth when I see Tucker blouses. Unfortunately, they cost a trillion dollars ($264) and I can’t rationalize purchasing one. Turns out Tucker is the newest designer to join forces with Target! This could…

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Yo, Breastfeeding Runners! I’m Perplexed!

Feel free to answer one or many of these questions. 1. How do you hold those suckers down? Suckers…Heh. 2. What kind of sports bra works best? Do you double up? 3. Do you wear breast pads? (Obviously you need to wear breast pads, right?)…

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