Homeless No Longer

I’m happy to report for my 600th whoorl post that we have a home. Hooray! Not only do we have a home, but we have unpacked all but 9 remaining cardboard boxes. (Which D is working on this very minute.) Our new place couldn’t be…

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Lovely Locks — Demi Moore

I just received my new C Magazine in the mail yesterday and this cover photo of Demi Moore totally knocked the wind out of me. Look at the woman. SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT THAT WOMAN. She’s 46, for God’s sake! Gorgeous. I’m totally going to track…

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Pick Jan’s Next Hairstyle!

You remember Jan, right? If you didn’t check out Hair Junky’s website the first time around, Jan is styling her hair differently every day in March before she chops it off at the end of the month. She has rocked all sorts of styles so…

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Update — Caroline’s Bridal Hair

I am SO THRILLED to receive Caroline’s update from last year’s bridal hair post. (If you are walking down the aisle soon, this post from last year has tons of hair options!) Caroline’s before photos: After considering the options, I decided that this hairstyle would…

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Are you ready to read about some fun times? For beginners, I just spent my 17th consecutive night NOT sleeping in my bed. Besides a quick jaunt to Palm Springs last weekend, I’ve been residing in the guest room of my cousin’s home* with my…

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Love Love Loving this Website!!

Introducing Jan, who has ahhhhh-mazing hair. (Twenty-six inches of never-colored, virtually uncut, thick, naturally wavy locks.) For the month of March, Jan will style her hair differently every single day. Then, she’s going to cut it all off. Dude. I LOVE THIS KIND OF STUFF….

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