Keratin Coppola Smoothing Treatment

Ladies, the time has finally come. After dozens and dozens of emails with questions regarding Brazilian Blowouts and/or Keratin Coppola Smoothing Treatments, Tera documented a a step-by-step Keratin Coppola Smoothing Treatment in hopes to help explain the concept and show the amazing results from the…

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hair thursday makeover 83

Meet Jessica and her fantastic pixie. (And eyes and eyebrows.) Jessica’s hair: Dark brown with some gray; no coloring She likes the gray and is keeping the gray. (LOVE THIS.) Normal/dry condition Fine with slight wave Needs an easy hairstyle Happy to use products, but…

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Hair Share — Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

The lovely Mir sent a tip introducing me to her very favorite new product. I personally haven’t tried it due to my immense PASSION for Klorane Dry Shampoo (been using it for years on my bangs and I still adore it…), but it sounds like…

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Life in List Form (Brought to you by my iPhone camera.)

1. The Whoorl household is illin’ this week. All three of us are drowning in Trader Joe’s tissues, although Wito seems to prefer using his sleeve/toys/sofa arm/remote control/pillow as a snot receptacle. 2. The fact that we all fell ill during Wito’s week off from…

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Packing and a Hot Makeover

1. You all. I feel as though I will never stop unpacking. Whenever I tell myself that YES INDEED THAT DAY WILL COME, the angsty lyric “never ever ever ever, don’t you even think it” plays in a loop throughout my brain. (At the end…

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Gone Style: Five Minute Makeover!

Hey laaaadies! I’m joining forces with Rebecca Woolf and Josie Maran to bring you a new video series entitled Gone Style’s Five Minute Makeover. Check out the first episode! (Want a head-to-toe makeover? Check out Rebecca’s post with all the details. More coming soon!)

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