Update — Hillary

Remember Hillary? Hillary was the one participant that kind of got the HT shaft. Not much was written on her specific post, but hey, I think it all worked out BECAUSE LOOK AT HOW HOT SHE IS WITH HER NEW STYLE. Taking off the length…

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1. I’m starting a Blunt Bangs Brigade. (That sounds a little porny, doesn’t it?) I’m inducting Metalia and Kristen as my first two members. Against their will, most likely. Wanna join? You need to have blunt bangs and a missing body. 2. I have a…

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Recipes and Stuff

I tweeted about my dinner last night and some peeps wanted the recipes, so here I am! With recipes! I aim to please. This is actually fantastic because it’s the perfect time to tell you about what keeps me from entering the Land of Peanut…

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hair thursday makeover 75

This week’s participant is Heather. Heather’s hair: Naturally light golden brown Doesn’t color Extremely fine, dry Spends 2 minutes styling per day Uses no products or tools Layers make hair limp Heather’s hair is super duper fine, which makes it a little lifeless and very…

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The Best Product Combo for Fine, Wavy Hair

I’m thinking we need a Hair Thursday “Best of” Series. What say you? Here’s the dealio. I receive an enormous amount of products for review, and the truth is, most of them don’t get me very excited. However, occasionally I will buy (or receive) something…

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The Best Dry Shampoo

Ladies and gents, my favorite dry shampoo. I’ve pretty much tried them all, and Klorane is by far my favorite. It smells good, blends well, doesn’t get funky towards the end of day, doesn’t make my dark brunette hair look powdery AND the nozzle doesn’t…

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