Party Time!

Wito’s birthday party was this weekend and it went off without a hitch. (Must have been a result of all my random 3 a.m. Type A wakings over the past week. “Don’t forget to bring a lighter for the candle!”, “Bring extra paper towels!”, “The…

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Hair Share — Pixie Perfection

Inspired by Susan’s perfect pixie, Kathy took the plunge and pixified herself. Say goodbye to this: And hello to this: From Kathy’s email: Susan’s excitement about this product was so strong I went and got myself a pixie cut so I could use it! Seriously,…

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Hair Share — Tips for Short Bobs

Do you have super fine hair? Here are some excellent tips from Tracey of Sweetney. My hair is very, very fine and very, very straight. I’ve had numerous stylists over the years remark in a tone of amazement that my hair is the most baby-fine…

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My New Disorder

I have recently diagnosed myself with IADD. Internet Attention Deficit Disorder. The internet has turned my brain into a huge cataclysm of MORE INFORMATION NEED MORE INFORMATION NOW NOW NOW. I can’t just watch television. I can’t just listen to music. I can’t do anything…

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Happy Birthday, Wito!

3 years ago today, after 24 hours of labor, you were born. You gave us quite a scare, but we witnessed your strength almost immediately. We knew things were going to be okay when your neonatologists joked during morning rounds that they couldn’t even remember…

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A Trip to the Fair

I adore old photo booths, but sadly, no booths are to be found around our stomping grounds. Except in the month of July. Cue the Orange County Fair! Poor Wito had no clue what we were doing (evident by his facial expression), but he didn’t…

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