hair thursday makeover 45

Thanks to the extremely generous Casey and my trusty random number generator, the lovely Andrea from Mommy’s Martini will be featured as this week’s Hair Thursday participant. You can read Andrea’s contest entry here, and I am thrilled that she is the winner! Andrea is…

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Terrible Twos

Wito’s 2nd birthday party is this Saturday, and I’m knee-deep in preparation. (You know, if “knee-deep” means watching Paula Deen and her sons make a mighty fine Banana Split Cake while filing my nails.) Oh, and those Terrible Twos? They have officially made their appearance…

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Summer Updos

We are rapidly approaching the hottest part of the season, and I don’t know about you, but I need my hair OFF MY NECK. Now, I’m a little bobby-pin challenged, but the beauty of current summer updos is that a messy, imperfect look is the…

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So You Think You Can Dance – Blogher Edition

I had such a fantastic time at Blogher. In a teeny nutshell, I was just so thrilled to be surrounded by smart, hilarious and well-rounded women instead of wiping dookie booty all day. (Can I get an AMEN?) I think my personal high (LOW! LOW!)…

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Hat Thursday

Let’s be honest. Who cares about hair when you can wear HATS? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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hair thursday makeover 44

First off, let me congratulate Mommy’s Martini for winning the Mooshwhoorly Hair Extravaganza. You, my dear, will be featured on next week’s Hair Thursday. *********** Missy from Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch was another participant in the Moosh contest. I had the chance to meet…

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