A Very, Very Special Hair Thursday

This week, every single one of your votes count. SERIOUSLY. Meet Rebecca, whose future hairstyle is completely in your hands. Rebecca’s hair: Dark blonde with lighter blonde highlights Normal condition, thick and straight Likes her hair somewhat long, but is open to a shorter bob…

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A Word Of Caution

Ketel One martinis + The New York Times anticipation = Ouch. Ladies and gents, I’ve had a crazy week. You see, I’ve been on vacation with my family, which included a little bit of this: La Cucaracha from whoorl on Vimeo. (Wait, doesn’t everyone have…

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OMFGBLAHDEEBLHAHAHAAGLAAAG. Yes, I think that accurately explains how I feel this morning. Click here for the online version.

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Why I Said Goodbye To Twitter

1. I read this. 2. I noticed my laptop was open. A LOT. 3. My whoorl posts were decreasing. 4. My ParentDish posts were decreasing. 5. I wasn’t reading any blogs. 6. Yet, I was spending twice as much time on the internet. Doing what,…

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hair thursday makeover 29

Holy crap, today was so amazing. I felt like a total celebrity for most of the afternoon, but now have returned to my Gap pajama pants, glasses and ponytail. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I’ll keep you posted, though…. Let’s get to it!…

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Hair Thursday ON THE WAY

Hair Thursday is going to be a little late. Oh, I KNOW what you’re thinking…she’s taking that damn kid to the beach again. NO! I’m not taking sweet Wito to the beach. If you must know, I will be staring vapidly into my closet and…

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