Tonight, I’m counting my blessings. Please read about Emily and help if you can.

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1. Who is this big boy? Certainly not MY baby. 2. I’m a little misty* today due to this small step in my parenting world. (YAY! But also, WAH.) *most ridiculous word EVER

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My Favorite Thing

This week’s Friday Flashback is all about favorite items from childhood. Please focus your attention to the following photo: What is this raggedy, waffle-weaved piece of fabric? And why is it the shape of Nevada? Friends, this is my blankie. Or, more specifically, what’s left…

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hair thursday makeover 27

This week’s first participant is Kerry Washington. Uh, I mean Brittany. Is it just me or do they bear an uncanny resemblance to one another? For crying out loud, they are EVEN WEARING THE SAME JACKET. The above photo of Brittany was her original photo…

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The Earring Contest Winner Is…

Wait! First, you need to look at my highly-scientific chart! Yeah, I created a pie chart while watching American Idol last night. What of it? (Did I hear you mumble “douchebag”? HUH?) According to Wikipedia, “Genetically dominant, free earlobes are twice as common in the…

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Oooh, Oooh! A CONTEST.

I am completely obsessed with Etsy. I admit it. A couple of weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that I need more earrings in my life. What’s the point of having your ears pierced if you aren’t going to adorn the holes? C’MON, PEOPLE….

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