Friday Flashback

Some very fine ladies started a discussion this week about starting a new feature on fridays, entitled Friday Flashback, with the the first topic being “How [insert band here] Changed My Life”. There was no need to twist my arm, as I was in like…

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hair thursday makeover 24

Dude. I got a 70’s Ann Wilson Barracuda haircut and American Idol had TWO 70’s Heart performances last night. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Discuss amongst yourselves while I introduce you to Nicol: Nicol’s hair: Naturally light reddish brown A little dry, needs product to keep…

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Barracuda Blowout

Seriously, Barracuda is my new anthem. Within 1.24 seconds of opening my eyes this morning, there it was. BumbadadumbadadumbadadumbadadumBABUMBUM…. I hopped out of bed, showered, and proceeded to blow my hair straight for the first time since last year. (On a RAINY DAY, no less.)…

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Hair Thursday will be postponed until next week, giving Whoorl ample time to mourn the loss of her dearly beloved subtle layers, resulting from an extremely rare miscommunication with her unbelievably awesome stylist. She requests time to become acquainted with her new Ann Wilson quasi-mullet…

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hair thursday makeover 23

Several months ago, I received an email from Emily containing these photos. Emily explained that her hair was thick, wavy and she was itching to get rid of it. She was considering short hair and wanted to know if she could pull it off. I…

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