hair thursday makeover 17

The HT theme of the week is Do It Yourself. Why am I sitting here typing this when I could be watching Gossip Girl? You all don’t need me! Like Shawna, for instance. Shawna’s hair: Very thin and baby fine Likes chin-length Natural color is…

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The Miracle Ham Adventure

Friday, December 28th, 2007. The day that altered my life forever. Picture this. A chilly day spent on my grandmother’s ranch in Oklahoma. After a fairly uneventful drive from Oklahoma City, we arrive with gifts in tow. Why, here we are, relaxing on (read: breaking)…

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hair thursday makeover 16

Welcome to Hair Thursday 2008! Let’s start this year with lovely Mary Beth. I love how Mary Beth sent me two photos, labeled “Done” and “Not done”. God, I love that second photo. MB’s hair: Medium to dark brown, with some gray threads coming in…

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Adventures With Hoagies

Adventures with hoagies – complete with visual and audio pleasure! (Tasty AND sexy!) Multiple choice. Christmas day is approaching. It’s 32 degrees outside and snowing with wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour. Conditions are deteriorating rapidly, roadways are quite slushy and it’s colder…

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Updates – Part Five

Dudes, Wito has gone from bad to SHIT-TAY. (He barely slept last night. BARELY SLEPT, I TELL YOU! I SHALL DIE!) We’re heading to the doctor very soon. In the meantime, enjoy yourself some HT updates. Have a looksie at Jill before: Jill listened to…

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The Annual January Death March

I’m sick. Sinus explosions, 1,000-pound head, the whole deal. Wito has mild croup, but seems to be on the mend, given his penchant for hyperactive, barking behavior. Fun for me. Wasn’t I sick this time last year? Why yes, I WAS. Hey, don’t forget 2006!…

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