Quiet On The Homefront

Thanks for all of the well wishes regarding Operation: Ring Retrieval. What a crazy day! I’ve already decided that Operation: Arnie Lifeguard is next. When I return from my vacation, I will make it my personal mission to track down Mr. Orange Cone White Teeth…

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The Beach Visit That Never Ended – The Finale

Operation Ring Retrieval – Success! Please notice how I put the ring in my pocket for dramatic effect during our photo re-enactment. Hey, just trying to keep it interesting around here. Obviously, this was the best part of the day. The sun wasn’t so harsh,…

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The Beach Visit That Never Ended – Part Two

Part one here. After a couple of hours, we packed up and head back to our homes since both babies were hungry and/or tired. I pushed Wito up the hill from hell and as I got to the top, I noticed something. My ring was…

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The Beach Visit That Never Ended – Part One

Yesterday was a doozie and I have the sunburn to prove it. What started out as a brief beach visit with the crew turned into a 6-hour debacle complete with crying, 2 metal detectors, more blubbering, lots of digging by several helpful strangers, friendly lifeguard…

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Performance Art 2007 Will Not Be Denied!

Lala just reminded me that her craft is not hindered by something as trivial as sobriety. She’s a performance artist of the highest magnitude, yo. (I am completely over the “yo” phenomenon, but I CAN’T STOP TYPING IT.) It is I, Duchess of Whoorl, who…

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Performance Art 2007 – Shut Down

There will be no von Whoorlie Family Performance Art this year during our annual Spring pilgrimage to Santa Fe. While my father and I might perform the infamous Endless Love duet, my mom and The Magnate might shake a tail feather to some Motown oldies,…

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